O Fortuna

Ancestor in the Night

Sart’s Journal 10th of Pharast

I am so filled with emotion that I don’t know exactly how to write this. As Falingus and I stood watch on the first night of our journey to Letsome, a Bronze Dragon wyrmling came to our camp. Falingus remained surprisingly calm. I felt intense excitement. I offered him a bit to eat. He must have been hungry, he ate nearly half a boar! He warned me that something, or some things were stalking us, but he thought he had scared them off. He asked me not to tell anyone about his visit. That’s going to be a hard secret to keep when what I really want to do is dance and sing about it.

To my family, dragons are our ancestors. We have a special kinship with them. To stand in the presence of even such a young dragon is a blessing. Although it burns inside me, I will keep his secret. I just passed on the watch to Rohan. I told him about the stalkers. He gave me a look, but didn’t press me for details. Now to rest.



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