O Fortuna

Barbarian Ambush

Sart’s Journal 13th of Pharast

We were ambushed by barbarians that had apparently turned to brigandry. Ettiene flushed their leader who then stood tall and ordered our surrender. Rohan pointed out four others just as we fell into their midst. The two to the left of us were worked up and appeared to me to be already raging, to the right two archers had us in their sites, it didn’t look like there was going to be any peaceful resolution other than surrender and even then it looked like they were bent on slaughter. I was not willing to lay down for these brigands.

I would normally go for the leader, but I figured that riding Nuade, I was probably the only one that could reach the archers before they pincushioned us. I spurred Nuade towards them and the archers opened fire, hitting me twice. The arrows hurt but fortunately struck nowhere vital. The battle commenced. While Falingus, Nuade and I took on their archers, Rohan and Marcello faced a pair of raging barbarians. Ettiene, scouting ahead, ended up facing their leader alone.

It was a close battle. The barbarians laid heavily into Rohan, their leader nearly killed Ettiene, and the archers I faced proved good with blades as well as bows. Good I had Falingus with me. That dog did more damage than I did. Marcello helped keep Rohan up. With his help Rohan finished off the barbarians and ran to Ettiene’s rescue. As the last of his companions fell, I urged the man I was fighting to stand down. The brave and foolish man attacked again. Falingus and I took him down.

The lad was still alive, so I stabilized him. Marcello, feared the barbarian’s people would take revenge upon his own if the man survived to tell them what had happened, and wanted to kill him. I stood against him and would not let him kill him. In his fear, Marcello blamed me for the battle, questioning my judgement that diplomacy was not going to help us here.

I have seen many battles during my time with the Lady’s riders. It’s possible I called it wrong, but I also know that hesitation could have proved disastrous. When I looked into the eyes of our attackers, I could see the battle was already upon us. Sometimes you have no other choice than to fight or die. We keep our swords sharp for those times.

He did finally agree to leave the barbarian to fate. Following the rule of this unforgiving land, we took what valuables those that attacked us had. We left the man alive, but unconscious and alone. Perhaps his people will find him, perhaps he will recover enough in the night to find his way home. More likely ghouls will find him and his former comrads. Curse this land that drives men to lives of such desperation. He could have lived a good life.

Despite my argument with Marcello over the young man, I am certainly blessed to have such good companions. While we have our disagreements, we seem to pull together well. I believe we can, no, we will make a difference by challenging the evil of this land.



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